Unprotecting WMA files?/ Importing music from Windows Media Player

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I've been using iTunes for some time now on my iBook. My mom recently purchased her own 30 GB iPod (finally!). She has Windows- XP I believe. She has about 2000 songs on her computer in Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, she's getting the following error message when she tries to import the files and something like 1500 of them fall into this category. It's tough for me to figure out the phone with her (she's East Coast, I'm West Coast). Any advice on what to do?

Here's the error message she's getting:

One or more of the songs being added are in the protected WMA format including the song XYZ and could not be converted. iTunes can only convert unprotected WMA files.
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  • Well, her files are protected which basically means that some jerk in a plush office somewhere gets to tell you what you can do with your own stuff. Personally, it really gets me angry when they do this crap. Yes, yes legally they can do this if you go by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Which ironically makes it illegal to do what am I about to tell you to do. . . Wait, you don't care, you say it is your music paid for by you and you should be able to share it as you please? Okay then take charge and remove that pesky copyright protection!

    Okay seriousily, I should help you with importing her files. While I do not have any protected wmas of my own to test this with, I can offer you this tutorial I found to try to convert them. I know you're on a mac and the program they refer to is only for Windows. If you use this, I would suggest you have your mother convert them:

    If this crazy option doesn't work, you will need your mother to burn all her wmas as wavs then you or her can reimport them as MP3s or AAC. This option really sucks but I had to do it when I switched from the Musicmatch store to the ITunes Music Store. It wasn't any fun and I only had a few files to convert. Let's just cross your fingers and hope you don't have to do this.

    Good luck, you'll need it . . .

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